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Bamboo products are eco-friendly. Bamboo is a resource of nature, and it is famous for its fast growth, which does little harm to the environment. It is a renewable option for traditional materials that require more pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo takes carbon dioxide and exhales more oxygen than other plants, creating a cleaner atmosphere.
Bamboo is carefully cultivated by hand and subsequently chipped into exact strawlike structures by hand. The whole stalk is used based on a zero-waste approach. Later, the shaped straws naturally dry in the sun and acquire uniform colors. A deep pressure wash removes all traces of dirt, and the Bambooflux brand name is subtlety engraved by a delicate laser engraver.

Yes, the bamboo kids’ tableware is heat-resistant. As a heat-resistant natural product, Bamboo is secure and durable for serving hot food to your small kids. Still, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use and maintain properly.

Yes, the period panties by BambooFlux are safety-oriented. These panties are made from safe and eco-friendly materials and focus on comfort, absorption capacity, and hygiene during menstruation. We are dedicated to offering a healthy and environmentally friendly solution for menstruation management that ensures user safety and conserves the surroundings.
BambooFlux mainly runs its business online, selling its products directly to customers through its website. At this point, we have no physical store or showroom. Nevertheless, the digital portal provides comprehensive information on our eco-friendly products, thus enabling clients to make sound decisions.
Bamboo straws are eco-friendly, waterproof, and do not change the taste or temperature of drinks. However, metal straws can be hot or cold and leave a taste of metal. Metal straws could take up to 200 years for decomposition, exhibiting non-biodegradable or organic characteristics and eventually ending in oceans or landfills. The paper straws may become soggy and fall apart. Bamboo straws are also long-lasting, reusable, and biodegradable.
During checkout, enter the coupon code “FIRSTORDER10” for a 10% discount on every order at BambooFlux. This one-time code ensures savings on the first order, allowing you to purchase products from us at a special discount. Sustainable shop while it lasts.
To track your order on the BambooFlux website, log into your account and click “Order Tracking” in the footer section. You can find detailed information about the status of your order and shipment tracking there. This user-friendly tracking feature keeps you posted on the happenings of your Bamboo products order.

To apply your discount code:
1. Head to the checkout page on BambooFlux.
2. Locate the field marked “Discount Code” or “Promo Code.”
3. Enter your code in the specified area and click “Apply”.The discount will now be shown as a reduced price on the purchase costs.

For regular cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth. Bamboo is naturally resistant to germs, which helps avoid excessive maintenance. To maintain its beauty, keep it away from moisture and sunlight. Enjoy the robustness and low-maintenance appeal of your Bamboo products easily.
Absolutely! BambooFlux accepts bulk orders for its bamboo products. For wholesale or bulk purchase inquiries, please call our customer service. We are here to help you place bulk orders for the necessary quantities of bamboo products.
For your convenience, BambooFlux has many secure payment options. These include significant credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also provide convenient transactions via reliable online payment portals to guarantee hassle-free shopping by all customers.
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